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  • What is a "Peep Set"?
A "Peep Set" can be a set of photos, a video, or set of videos that members can sell, purchase and view.

  • How much does Peeping Window charge for you to post and sell your media?
Posting media is free! However, Peeping Window will keep a small percentage of your earnings to cover transaction fees. The rate is 25%. For example, if you post a set with a price of $10, you will receive $7.50 for each sale of that set when you choose to withdraw the funds from your account.

  • I would like to sell my media, but I prefer to be discreet about it. Does Peeping Window have measures to mitigate risking my identity online?
Absolutely. We give our members the opportunity to choose who views their profile ("Public" or "Private") and also their "Peep Sets". Models can choose to block viewers by country. They can also choose not to show their media on our social networks such as Twitter and Tumblr.

  • How old must I be to use Peeping Window?
You must be at least 18 years old to use Peeping Window in most areas. Some areas require users to be 21 years old.

  • Why does Peeping Window require a photo ID to post media?
For many reasons. Some countries like the United States require adult websites to prove the age of those posting adult oriented media online. Quality Control is one of our biggest concerns. With all the spam out there these days, we want to provide our members with a spam free site where they can interact with real people instead of a bot. Fraud prevention is another concern. We want to be sure we are paying the person(s) who posted the media.

  • Do I have to be the person shown in the media I am posting?
Yes. You also are required to prove it. There are no exceptions to this policy.

  • What do I need to include in a "Peep Set"?
At least 5 photos or 1 video is the minimum. You can post anything ranging from bikini/lingerie shots to hardcore/fetish. You decide what to post and if it's appropriate we will publish it.

  • Why is Peeping Window not working well with my browser?
Peeping Window works best with an updated version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE. We do not support older versions of these browser specifically Internet Explorer 9 and lower will not work with peepingwindow.com.