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  • How to upload a Peep Set
Click the "Get Naked" tab in the top right corner of the page. It will take you to the "Upload Page" where you will be able to upload your media.

Just below the "Why Get Naked" tab are tabs for photos or videos. Click the appropriate tab, then click "Upload a File". It will bring up a menu of media on your device. Find your file and click "Open". The status of your upload is displayed just below the "Upload a File" box. Once your upload is complete, enter the price you wish to charge for viewing your photo set. Hit the "next step" button.

Step 2, upload your photo ID and fill in any other optional data then hit the "publish" button.

You're done! Your set is now submitted for approval. Now you wait for our admins to approve your set. You will receive a confirmation email plus your free 3 month membership to our website!

  • How to withdraw money
Once your account has reached a balance of $50 or more you have the option to withdraw the money to be sent to you. You will find a withdraw button on your account page under your account balance. Click the withdrawal button, which will take you to the withdrawal page where you choose the payment option of your choice. Western Union, Payoneer, Paxum are our current payment options.

You're done! Wait for our admins to review the withdrawal and process it.

*The money will only be sent to the person with the ID on the account